Layer Feed

  • Our products for layers are designed to help optimise performance
  • Flexible feed programmes allow the nutritional requirements of the laying bird to be matched at all stages of lay
  • We use optimum levels of digestible amino acids and metabolisable energy with the aim to support high levels of egg production with low feed intake and high feed efficiency
  • Vitamins and trace elements are important for health and stimulating the immune system. For these reasons a high specification vitamin/ trace element supplement is included to help support the health and vitality of the laying bird throughout its life and to help protect the bird in the event of any stress or disease challenge.


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Management-Guide - Layer

  • Shaver
  • Bovans
  • Hy-Line W36
  • Lohman LSL -Classic
  • Nich Chick

Management-Guide - Broiler

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  • Ross
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